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Inmate strolls out of prison by impersonating his lookalike cellmate due for release

An inmate convicted for drug dealing made a remarkable escape from a Cowlitz County jail in Washington by casually strolling out the front door on Monday.

Brian Francisco Roman, 26, successfuly fooled guards into thinking he was his lookalike cellmate, who was set to be released that day.

The inmate who is of Longview, Washington is currently the run after his not-so-subtle escape, according to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office.

Roman made a break for it after a corrections officer entered his cell and found three inmates asleep. He called out the inmate’s name but Roman was the one who woke up and identified himself as that inmate, after which he went with the corrections officers to be processed out of custody.

The County Sheriff’s Office said the two men shared ‘similar physical features’ so the officers could not tell the difference.

Roman, maintained the imposter act and was smart enough to forge his roommate’s signatures on the discharge paperwork.

He was then given his cellmate’s property, including his clothing, keys and wallet, which contained his ID and debit card.

CCTV surveillance captured him leaving the Cowlitz County jail while dressed in his cellmate’s clothing and clutching some forms.

Prison guards only realized the mixup when Roman’s cellmate signalled them and asked when he was going to be released. It is not clear if he is suspected of aiding his cellmate’s escape.

An arrest warrant was subsequently issued for Roman’s arrest, adding charges of escape, criminal impersonation, forgery and theft.

Authorities say he was last seen wearing a blue hoodie, a black shirt, gray sweatpants, and brown slippers.