Influencer Papaya Ex drags Nedu through 3rd Mainland bridge for calling her a chronic liar

Nigerian Influencer, Abike Arab Money aka Papaya Ex has lambasted popular radio host and comedian, Nedu Wazobia.

The controversial socialite took to her social media page to attack the On Air Personality online for referring to her as a chronic liar.

During an episode of Frankly Speaking podcast, Nedu had mentioned Papaya’s name as someone that lies a lot.

In reaction, she went on a rant and said he was only angry because she refused to give him attention and her body.

She wrote; Honestly, I mind my business alot on this social media, you won’t see me jump or drop my two cents on trending topics, if they don’t pick on me, my name won’t be out there. I do my thing on my own and worry no single soul.

This Nedu or whatever he was named saying? Bro, you’re 40 years old and you’re clowning on social media? Don’t you have kids to take care of or wife to talk to? What’s my name supposed to be doing in your fkn podcast? So even if you messaged me a long time ago and I didn’t open, Respond nor follow you back, does that mean you should show how you have no iota of sense?

I should be using sir for you but you lost it. God knows I didn’t even watch your stold videos cause I know you’ve been Clowning for the past few days, if my friend didn’t even send me a video of you calling me a liar, God knows I won’t even know what your page looks like with that stud girl that calls herself Toun. Cause of follow back, you joined a f at 40 to be clowning with my name? Toun, is it designer paining you or the fact that I didn’t follow back and reply you too? Fs making videos about how ladies are living Their lives, no one is responsible for your misfortune tbh, you are the one seeing everything but you couldn’t see your wife give you another man’s child? Make it make sense? What’s your business with whatever I put on my page?

Normally I won’t even respond cause I be chilling on my lane fr, biggest clout chaser ranting all over media cause these ladies be buying luxurious items, even if I’m gonna give anybody my body, would it be you? Lmao clown behavior. So why so pained cause you didn’t get a reply? Bad hoded joble comedian, you don’t even have a house attached to your name. When you got your car nobody dra ed you, rest!

Silly short godf❤aken man, eww. How did you even attract your wife in the first place? You look like some ng I drew with my left hand! gosh you shouldn’t be talking where people are talking, I’m ashamed on your behalf.”

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