I weep for how ‘wokeness’ will affect coming generations – Pretty Mike

Lagos-based socialite, Pretty Mike has penned a heartfelt open letter to all existing generations and the incoming ones.

He shared his thoughts regarding Nigeria’s curent state and how anormalities have taken over the normal way of life and people have lost their humanity.

Pretty Mike raised concerns about political affiliations, interests and how they are intertwined with relationship matters.

He stated that people are dining with those who claim to have the citizens’ best interests at heart, whereas in reality, they are only concerned with self interest.

The club owner went on to talk about the ills that have suddenly eliminated the norm in society, especially during the time of the ‘woke generation’

He said the aforementioned generation use relationships to pass time and hurt people who genuinely are committed.

Pretty Mike, who advised that people should continue to imbibe love and loyalty, warned that the ‘woke’ generation is headed for doom with the path they tow.

He wrote; “I weep for myself, I weep for you and the coming generations.

We are in relationships with people who are masters in ‘The oldest profession in the world” #ash We’re drunk in love with people who express their undying love to us and a million others, making us believe we mean something to them all the while leaving us in our utopia.

“In this generation, relationships are used to pass time, hurting genuine people is staying woke, (Lets take a break in this relationship, is seen as an opportunity to quickly sleep with half of the People in ur Dm) Hookup is now customary and part of our culture…. and infidelity is sitting pretty in relationships and marriages as normal.

“Have we all forgotten the Golden Rules “Luke 6:31 “Do unto others as u would have them do unto you” OR “Leviticus 19:17-18 “Love thy Neighbor as thyself”…. Instead we all now governed by social media Quotes ?? #TeamPepperdem Smh

“Our ‘Woke’ generation is headed for doom but what can we do but carry on. Carry on with loyalty that can never be outdated or old school. Carry on with love, let it radiate through your actions. Together we can heal the world. #HusbandMaterial #GetYourPVC”

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