I’m very religious although I don’t go to church – Actress Iyabo Ojo

Popular Nollywood actress and socio-political activist, Iyabo Ojo has revealed that she does not attend church.

She disclosed this during the latest episode of Celebrities Quickies where she also noted that unknown to many, she is “very religious”.

Iyabo Ojo attend church

The mother of two, who was asked to reveal something about her that people don’t know, also recalled being the first person that gave her life to Christ in her family.

Iyabo said; “I am a very religious person. I don’t know if people know that about me though. But I don’t go to church. Is that not weird?

“Growing up, I think I am the first person that gave her life to Christ in my home. And I joined the choir. I was in the choir for about four years. And I read the bible from Genesis to Revelations back-and-forth trying to know God before backsliding.”

Meanwhile, in another news…

Few weeks ago, Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze revealed how a cleric’s action towards him made him to stop attending church many years ago.

The controversial OAP said his pastor at the time, expelled him from sitting in the front row of the church following his divorce in 2014.

He said he was a church worker and was very active in the organisation of the programme but after the incident, decided to stop going to church instead of “hiding” in the back seat.

Freeze said; “My marriage had always been troubled and in 2014 it came to an end. And I remember I used to do events in my church. The church minister used to pay me then to do events which I celebrated. At least, the pastor was not eating all the money, he was sharing with the people who were working.

“I was booked for an event that I used to do for the church, and I got a call that I should cancel it because of my divorce or pending divorce drama. And I was like, ‘Because I’m going through a divorce does that remove God from me?’ I questioned that too.

“Then the pastor came to my house and we had a conversation. He was like, ‘I’m not telling you not to come to the church but when you come to the church, sit at the back.’ And I was like what’s all this? So, that made me sit at home on Sundays. Instead of going to church and hiding, is it not better that I sit at home? So, sitting at home on Sundays now started feeding the holes in my brain.”