I’m very good at picking men – Tems

Ace Nigerian singer and songwriter, Temilade Openiyi, known by her stage name, Tems, has revealed that she is an expert when it comes to choosing partners.

The Grammy winner stated that what she looks out for in a man she enters a relationship with is mostly humour, intelligence and height.

I’m very good at picking men - Tems

Tems made this known when she appeared on the ‘Chicken Shop Date’ hosted by Amelia, where she also noted that she has never had a bad date.

In her words; “I have never had a bad date. I think I’m very good at picking men. Just make them your b*tch”.

On her ideal man, the songstress explained; “Just intelligence, funny. I feel like funny people are intelligent. As far as you are intelligent, tall… I don’t really care about height but..”

Amelia inferred; Okay, it sounds you do.

Tems added; “My love language is physical touch. I don’t know if my love language is act of service because I’m always the one doing the servicing.”

In another news…

CorrectNG reported earlier this year that Tems said she was not interested in dating Afrobeats maestro, Ahmed Ololade also known as Asake.

The music star expressed her admiration for Asake and his music, during her appearance at the Time 100 Gala in New York, United States of America.

The ‘Try Me’ crooner had disclosed that her current favorite artistes are South African R&B star, Tyla and the ‘Lonely At The Top’ hit-maker.

She sat down for a chat with The Beat 99.9 FM, and made it known that her love for Asake is not romantic and that she doesn’t want to go into a relationship with him.

The Interviewer asked; Is directing something you’re looking to do not just for yourself but for other artists as well? And if so, who do you think you’d like to work with?

Tems responded: “Uhmmm, I’d want to direct a video for Asake [laughs and blushes].”

Interviewer: Oh my gosh, Tems, don’t do that.

Tems: “No, because I can tell that he’s very artsy and he thinks outside the box. Ah ah.”

Interviewer: Just for work right? You just like him for work?

Tems: “Just to direct the videos. Asin, what do you mean?”

Interviewer: Oh, because he’s mine!

Tems: “Ohhh? Ah! Me?! Oh no oh. You’ve got the wrong girl. Please have him all to yourself. He’s all yours. I have my own so…[laughs and blushes]. I have my own so I know, I’m okay. But I think Asake is a really cool guy.”