I’m the biggest Influencer in Nigeria – Carter Efe brags

Nigerian content creator, Oderhohwo Joseph Efe, popularly known as Carter Efe, has bragged that he is the biggest influencer in the country.

He took to his social media page to make the declaration days after meeting his favourite singer, Grammy-winner, Wizkid.

Carter Efe shared a video showing all the memorable moments which he regarded as priceless including the moment he met Wizkid for the first time.

The skit-maker cum singer said that anyone who does not realise how big he is, would soon come to the realization.

“I’m the biggest Influencer in Nigeria. You will understand soon”, he said.

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Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that Carter Efe once issued a stern warning to Berri Tiga to stop using his name to chase clout.

He lambasted the singer for insisting on his claim that he (Carter) gave him only 5% out of the earnings from their hit song, Machala.

The content creator threatened to get Tiga arrested or use soldiers to punish him if he continues to go online and make unsubstantiated claims.

His warning comes after the artiste went on Instagram live and said he has unfinished business with the skit maker regarding the tussle over royalties on ‘Machala’.

In response, Carter Efe said Berri Tiga is just using him to gain cheap publicity because he wants to release a new song.

He adviced the singer to do something independently and drop a song like his mates are doing instead of rehashing something that’s dead and buried.

“I will bring soldiers and police to come and arrest you and knack you koboko, Berri Tiga I am older than you please never in your life mention my name or disrespect me or use my name to chase clout”, Efe said.

It may be recalled that the up-and-coming music act called out Carter months ago for allegedly taking credit for the hit song, Machala.

He went on Instagram live and said he wrote and sang the song so he deserves the accolades that the comic act is enjoying.

The singer made this known when fans asked him if he is the person that produced the track which is a tribute to Wizkid.

Carter released Machala featuring Tiga, on the 29th of July, and it debuted at the 14th position of 50 on the afrobeat charts.

Berri Tiga said that he wrote the song from beginning to end and even sang every single verse and chorus. He also claimed that Carter and Syndey Talker tried to buy him out but he declined their offer.