I’m still single at 39 with no child, no house – Woman sheds tears (Video)

A middle-aged African woman has taken to social media to cry out over her inability to find a partner amongst other personal issues.

In a video posted on Instagram, she revealed that she is 39 years old and yet to find a husband or have children of her own.

The single woman shed tears of sadness as she also lamented about not having a car or a house.

She cried out to God to grant her heart desires, writing; “@ the age of 39 still single, No children, No house, No car. Dear Lord.”

Social media users gave recommendations on what she could do and places she should consider visiting.

See the clip below:

hermoodswingss; Join NSPPD fire Altar and table your heart desires to God. Please do not make a mockery of her pain. Sending Love and light hug

balo_ng; It is acceptable to do whatever you need to do that works for you. We need to stop putting age stamps on everything and giving ourselves self inflicted anxiety. Light and love beautiful people ♥️♥️♥️

julesmeridian; Please send me her details and we will do a complimentary 3 day Therapy Retreat. She will get over these shackles she has chained herself, there is so much more to life than these things she listed. Everyone has their right time and journey. ❤️

3agle_3ye; She can have children without a husband if she wants (via adoption, surrogacy etc). A car is material but she can work towards it. Many boxes are within her control to tick.

emetega; God will definitely put smiles on your face. I promise you, he’s able to do the impossible. Please trust him ❤️

nwa_chi_nemelu; You didn’t add no terminal disease and no disabilities…….find reasons to be grateful darling. It could be worse you know. Sending you all the love❤️❤️❤️❤️

cloudnine_pleasures; If life throws you lemons, pls make lemonade. Crying is not the solution. Try to get alternative sources of income, infact do spiritual consultation to know why your life is like this. Why? Some people are not destined to marry. Example is Paul. Secondly, you can adopt. If you’re waiting for a man to make you happy, you will be depressed eternally o. The key to happiness is in your hand. Oprah Winfrey is not married and has no kids but she has changed the lives of many South African girls and many people through humanitarian causes. Pls and plssssss chin up. Life is not fair, yes BUT work on your self esteem and know that you can still live a happy life with or without some goals you want. God knows best.

choplifekitchenlagos; It’s okay to feel this way sis completely because we are only human but dwelling on it is not the way forward and your eyes will only get weak alongside the rest of your body!!!! Just live in the moment and enjoy yourself that’s what matters that you are alive and well. Fry and feel better but don’t dwell on it. People that have kids and cars and houses still have issues too.