I’m still hungry – Okon Lagos speaks on his career

Nigerian comedian and actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos, has said that he is still hungry and aiming to achieve more in his chosen field.

He stated this in an interview while answering a question about what he considers to be the highpoint of his career.

Okon said he believes that some day his career will reach a high point but for now it has not gotten there.

The comic actor said; “My career has not reached a high point. I am still hungry. I believe some day it will. By the time one begins to talk about the high point of one’s career, complacency and that funny sense of accomplishment will envelop one and I don’t want that to happen”.

Okon Lagos also spoke on the assumptions that comedians like him are unserious people especially on camera.

He said; “Who says my (comic) roles are not serious? (laughs) There is nothing unserious about comedy. As a matter of fact, it is a genre of drama that is arguably the hardest. If one has what it takes to elicit laughter from Nigerians, who are hurt and frustrated, then one is seriously on top of one’s craft and game. I don’t see anything unserious about comedy.”

Speaking on the 2023 general elections, Okon stated it is wrong to attack or bully celebrities who refuse to take a stand in although he believes everybody needs to be concerned about the future of the country.

The comedian said; “Lately, I became (more) interested in politics; although I had always had an interest in it. I think this is an era of intense political awareness. The desire to make our country work has never been higher among the entire citizenry; hence, my participation.

“Bullying people (including celebs) for not taking a stand in the forthcoming elections is wrong. It is within their right. However, I believe the need to make this country work should be a concern because the country is not working; at least not the way it is supposed to. I also see the frustration of people who want to fix this country.

“If one does not participate in the elections or in the voting process, those who are looking towards making the country work will see such a person as a spoiler. They will also be seen as betrayers who do not want the country to work.”