“I’m ready for you” – Nigerian man warns guy who snatched his girlfriend

A Nigerian man, Richman Godwin Aondohemba has called out a man on social media for allegedly snatching his babe.

He issued warning to the man identified Lubem Terkula on Facebook, and noted that he is ready for him.

Richman lamented in a series of Facebook which he has now deleted, called Terkula fake and said he is pushing him to act.

“Lubem Terkula Aluta General-Rtd so u finally snatched my girl from me,” he wrote in the first post.

Man call out man for snatching girlfriend

Richman added; “Lubem Terkula Aluta General-Rtd or whatever you are called, you are pushing me. For ur own information, watch out out first because I ve never seen someone who is as fake like you so since you have decided to come on me, I am ready for you.”

In another post on January 8, he wrote: “Lubem Terkula Aluta. I am not stubborn like you. I put my family first so I will not engage you again.”

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Man call out man for snatching girlfriend
Man call out man for snatching girlfriend

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The complainant known as @Onyibabyyyy on Twitter said she introduced her friend, Jennifer to her boyfriend in September 2023 and she just saw their engagement photos.

According to Onyi, she did not know that the reason she was having issues with her man and anything she did irritated him was because her bestie was behing it all.

In her words; “I introduced @jeniifa_ to my man last year September. Two nights ago someone sent me their engagement pictures. I’m tired of crying and questioning myself. What did I do to deserve this? What wrong did I do? Who did I offend? All I did was introduce my friend to my man.”