I’m pregnant and craving other men – Married woman seeks help (Video)

A Nigerian woman who is pregnant has confessed to having a very weird craving which she does not know how to quench.

She said she is craving other men and cannot fight the urge, which is in contrast to the food that other women claim they usually crave whenever they are pregnant.

The married woman seeking help from the public, sent a message to content creator, Precious Ubani, specifically mentioning that it is younger men she craves.

She said her husband no longer entices her and anytime she sees him it comes with a nauseous feeling. She wondered if it is normal for someone who is expecting a baby to crave men because she cannt understand her situation.

According to the lady, she is trying to respect her wedding vows and not cheat on her spouse, but the urge is really strong for her to battle.

Watch Precious read the message:

@Nwafresh commented; I’ll advise her to tell her husband that she’s craving for other men. It won’t be a bad idea for other women to learn from her husband’s reaction.

@OluPetersJr; Na dat craving go kpai am. Shebi she no get sense na. Make she record herself when she dey tell her husband so other craving preggos like her can learn from her experience. Radarada oshi

@BALLER__HOLIC; Hormonal adulterous syndrome… it often come in full force during your 3rd trimester. Solution: drink okra water and pay one or two of your exs visit just a harmless visit ohh you’ll feel better.

@iam_samedoho; The danger of knacking too much before you get married. You don’t crave for things you haven’t tasted 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

@abisola_neneh; No be only hormones, they better look out for this one, she don dey mad go be that. “Stick to vow” yen yen yen… e no do you like to chop poison?

@vikhariiz; If women actually go through these phases where they are not in control of themselves, thoughts, and actions, why do feminist think women can hold the same leadership positions as effectively as men?

@TeerachCraft; Ahhh, pregnancy and hormone don suffer for this people hand. They will never crave to do anything good or be sensible in their life. Always giving pregnancy bad PR

@japhetho; Ashawo Dey your eye. Normally I hear women’s libido is higher during pregnancy, but they do it with their partners. But your own case that is other men, ashawo dey your eye, and it’s trying to manifest.