I’m not interested in being friends with everybody – Skit-maker, Kiekie

Nigerian Instagram comedienne, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, popularly known as Kiekie, has said that she does not try to be friendly with everyone, as it is not possible for one to be liked by everybody regardless of what they do.

She appeared as a guest on Tea With Tay podcast hosted by Taymesan, where she said that she is not naturally nice to people and it is one reality that many need to come to terms with.

Kiekie also emphasised the need to work hard to reach the apex of her career because she does not subscribe to the idea of getting favours.

The mother of one said; “I don’t believe that things should be handed to me. I believe in owning it. I believe that I am enough. I don’ try to be unnecessarily nice or friendly with people. That is one reality many people are not really open to. No one likes everybody or everything. There are some foods that one does not like. So, why should everybody like one?

“I said to myself if I was not given a platform, I would create one myself. As of that time, I had started posting fashion content, and I had 20,000 followers on Instagram.”

Kiekie also noted that she was very mischievous as a child, but asides from that her father and mum knew she would become a ‘child of wonders’

She said; “I am the last child. Being the last child comes with a lot of mischief. I was very mischievous as a child. And, that made me to get away with many things. I attended a girls only school, and I stayed in the hostel. Since I was very young, my parents had known that I was going to be a child of wonders. At no point did they try to stop me.”

In other news, a young beauty therapist and entrepreneur has asserted that men naturally love to provide for their women.

She stated via her Twitter account @LAYSAINTLAURENT that it is only when a lady dates a man who is generous that she would understand.

The skincare specialist said men do not like to be asked for something because they genuinely like the idea of giving their lovers whatever she desires.

@LAYSAINTLAURENT emphasised that they take initiative and provide their partner’s favuorite things.

She wrote; “Until you date a generous man (I didn’t say rich), you’ll understand that men love to provide for their women. They don’t wait to be asked, they genuinely find joy in doing it, they take initiative, they know your favorites and will order them.”