I’m not his only side chic, says US-based lady impregnated by Davido

An American lady, Anita Brown, set the internet abuzz after revealing that Nigerian superstar singer, Davido allegedly impregnated her.

The model and entrepreneur took to her social media page to call out the Afrobeats sensation for trying to make her hide the truth from the public.

Anita also said that her earlier posts of her saying that he got her pregnant were deleted because OBO told her to do so and lie that her account was hacked.

In a series of posts which she dropped after facing backlash, she shared screenshots of their chat to prove that she was carrying Davido’s child and he wanted it to be a secret.

Anita also took a pregnancy test on live video to prove to everyone that she was truly pregnant. However, she kept getting bashed with allegations that she was trying to ruin the singer’s marriage.

The businesswoman decided to shutdown the attacks by saying that Davido has had many girlfriends, and he was angry that he had to get married in his 30s.

She wrote; “Don’t let the internet GAG y’all. People’s relationships don’t be consistent! This man has had many woman and many girlfriends. Do your homework before you come at me & maybe you will look at it in a different light!

STOP PLAYING WITH ME! He’s so mad he had to get married. Any newlywed is not doing all this! He’s 30 years old! Pack it up! What 30 year old millionaire wants a wife. An artist at that! Be realistic! Go sit down”.