I’m materialistic – Lady boldly tells guy wooing her at shopping mall (Watch video)

A Nigerian lady rendered a prankster speechless after she confidently revealed the type of things that she makes her develop interest in a man.

He approached her at a shopping mall and started off a conversation about wanting to know her and become friends.

The content creator known as Mark asked her name and she said Kola. He proceeded to tell her that he did not want to buy anything there and his only intention was too woo her.

She responded to him decently throughout most part of the conversation but whe he asked for her number for them to communicate later, she told him she does not give her number to strangers.

Mike asked for her IG so that the can start from their to become friends but she told him to first pay for what her friend wanted to purchase.

He expressed shock and wondered if that is how she behaves normally and she answered affirmatively that she is materialistic and likes money.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a man identified as Cyril Tony has narrated how his girlfriend broke his heart despite making numerous sacrifices for her.

He revealed that he gave up his admission for her and began placing her on monthly allowance, only for the girl to demean him when she started succeeding.

According to the young man, he was giving her 20,000 every month but later increased the allowance to 50,000.

In addition to that, he paid her rent and funded her business so that she can be financially stable, but when things started working out well for her, she insinuated that she was doing him a favour by dating him.

He said that she is not in his class and ordinarily she should not be in a relationship with him. A statement Cyril says he still thinks about till date.

Cyril wrote; Someone I gave up my school admission for, someone I gave 50k monthly (started with 20k) someone I helped with her rent, her business, just when she started doing better than me she said “ normally a girl of my class shouldn’t be dating you.

Reacting, @Cryptoaristocr4 said; You should be happy for the revelation. Don’t feel bad. Move on. Pause a little. Invest in yourself. Then, get a better option, not for revenge but because you deserve to be happy. Incidentally, men are the prize.

@cyriltony31; “Lol yea that’s what I’ve been doing, I went through every emotion but I’m in a much more better place in my life now but I still think about that statement every day.