I’m done, no longer taking 3rd wife – Pastor who married two women

A Botswanan pastor who went viral for practicing polygamy and announcing that he would take a third wife has made a U-turn.

The polygamous clergyman identified as Seraki Kemmonye Seraki, has said that he is done and no longer desires to have more wives.

He took to his Facebook page and explained that he came to the decision after witnessing the “fantastic relationship” between his two wives.

Seraki apologised to ladies he had been wooing and engaging with the intention of marrying them, saying there are single men who would love to be in monogamous relationship with them.

The pastor wrote; “I AM DONE. I think looking at how well my wives get along, and the effort they have put to have such a fantastic relationship, it’s only viable for me to stop here!

To those ladies that my wives have been engaging and talking to as potential wives, I apologize, there are decent guys out there who are monogamous that would love you and you alone”.

Pastor wives done

Meanwhile in similar news…

A Ugandan man, Hajj Habib Nsikonnene became the topic of discussion in Mukono district when he wedded seven women at the same time.

He exchanged marital vows with his new wives, namely; Aisha, Aisha, Fatuma, Sharifah, Rashida, Mariam, and Zainab on the same day and later hosted a reception event that attracted a large crowd.

Giving his speech at the event, Nsikonnene thanked his women for being loyal to him; (the eldest has been with him for seven years).

The groom said he did the introduction separately but decided to marry seven of them on the same day because he did not want any form of jealously that may lurk in his home if he wedded them one by one.

“I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family. I am still a young man and in the near future, God willing, I cannot say this is the end of it,” he added.