I’m dating someone but we’re not in a relationship – Lege Miami (Video)

Nigerian actor and matchmaker, Kehinde Adams, popularly known as Lege Miami, has opened up on the complexities of his relationship status.

The social media inflluencer said he has someone he is dating at the moment, but it doesn’t count that as a relationship.

Lege Miami, who made the comment during an interview with TVC, revealed that has never been married before and doesn’t have plans of settling down for now.

He said; “I have two kids but I’m not married. I’m single. Yes, I have somebody I’m dating right now, but at the same time, I’m not in a relationship for now. I have a baby mama. She has two kids for me. We are no longer together. We are not compatible.

“I have never been married before. The person I’m currently dating, we are still like in a situation. When it comes to relationships, I know how to handle it. It’s just that I don’t take nonsense. I don’t tolerate it, but I take my time.”

Watch the interview:

In other news…

Big Brother Naija season 8 contestant, Doyinsola David, fondly known as Doyin recounts how her bestfriend snatched her boyfriend.

The reality TV star revealed that her bestie used to mock her man because he had a bad leg and often limped while walking.

According to her, the girl would always discourage her and talk about him not being good looking, only for them to start dating behind her back.

Doyin revealed how they met when she took her friend to his place and introduced them. She said they exchanged numbers without her knowledge and started a relationship.

The Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ housemate, who noted that she felt betrayed, said her ex-lover and former best friend are still together and they have a son.

In her words; “I have been betrayed before. I used to have a best friend, and we were very close. As a matter of fact, people used to refer to us as twins, because we even looked alike. At the time, I had a boyfriend, but she always discouraged me and told me that he was not good looking, because he had a bad leg and used to limp a little bit. She would always make jokes about his leg. At some point, I took her with me to visit him.

Somehow, they exchanged numbers and I did not find out. I was dating him and did not even realise that my best friend was also dating him. Till this day, they are still together. They actually have a son together, and I wish them well. But, at the same time, I felt betrayed. That really affected the way I trust people.”

Doyin however, added that she is single at the moment and though she is in the talking stage with some guys, there is nothing serious.