“I’m a policeman” – Stranger tells lady who turned down his lift on highway

A video which surfaced online captures the moment a man persistently offered to give a lady a ride on a highway.

The lady refused to enter his vehicle and thanked him, saying that she is fine without his assistance and cannot enter a stranger’s car.

But he attempted to assure her that she will be safe with him because he is an officer of the Nigeria Police Force.

According to the lady, she was waiting for a taxi and even if he were a military officer, she would still not honour his invitation.

The driver even beckoned on her to come closer so that he can show his ID card to her as proof that he’s a security personnel.

“No I can’t enter a stranger’s car. Thank you sir, don’t worry I am okay”, she said.

He responded; “Enter the car let’s go. Don’t worry I am from Nicon here, I am a policeman, don’t be scared.”

Watch the video below:

Reacting, sandy_coco__; Go and use your generosity as a police man to free those innocent souls you people locked up in prison

big_lily_offixial; Run…..police is not your friend 😂😂😂

exquisitelykhenny_; Na because you be police man gan gan she suppose fear you 😂😂😂😂nonsense and ingredients people

ladyque_1; That’s the main reason for her to run away from you😂

absu_villa; If the car fine you for no talk “thank you sir” but alright. Next please

leeeymarrrrh; If the audacity for me .. enter the car let go now oga go where ?

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magamudi; Na Police we fear pass now sef. Red flag 🚩

herdehkemi; Naa them oooo,one chance people. No gree for them o. Awon Weyrey

adaikwerre; If only we know how many Girls don Die with missing Body parts Because they trusted a stranger with the word “I AM A POLICE MAN”. There are nice people with no bad intentions but we have to be smart.