I’m 41, I no dey fear dragging – Yul Edochie to critics

Famous actor and politician, Yul Edochie has disclosed that he is not moved by the barrage of insults he gets on a daily basis from online critics.

In an interview on White Pearl Studios TV, the Nollywood star addressed criticisms he has faced over the last two years regarding his second marriage to colleague, Judy Austin.

Yul Edochie said he is 41 years old and not bothered about some youths in their 20s criticising him on social media in a bid to try teaching him how to live his life.

Yul Edochie not afraid of dragging

He stressed that he is not scared of being attacked as he has gotten used to it due to what he faced in the last two years.

According to the actor, he does not read the scathing comments and as such has no idea what people have been saying about him recently.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Yul said; “People have been dragging for the past two years, I no dey fear dragging, I don’t even read all those things they write about me, I have spent 18 years in Nollywood, these are young people, I am 41, someone who is 23, 24 is trying to teach me how to live my life, someone who is not married is trying to tell me how to live my life.”

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He got dragged even more after netizens watched his interview and they threw questions at him.

excelakah; You don’t read them yet you know many people are dragging you😂

mercyebong34; Congratulations to May Yule Edochie for winning an international award. Keep ranting with an empty pocket. When you finish you start to beg Mary

preshchef; Why so much hate guys, marriage is not the end of life.atleast Yul is alive his beautiful wife May is alive. Yul is a human . Mercy is second wife Regina is fifth wife, I don’t support polygamy but the hate to one man is too much and the Word of God said He that hate his brother is a müderer. Stop hate

obynga1; Did I heard married for good 18 years? Wetin come be the one that you are doing with ijele? Men go leave you for rain alone.

cynthia_kelz; You placed Tinubu above your own mum? God forbid! No wonder you do not regard your soon to be ex-wife because whoever doesn’t care about their own mother being talked down on, is not expected to care about any woman in his wife. And about your dad, you’re right. We will dr@g anyone that dr@gs him, including your self. Ụchụ!

chinedu_hope1; Mumu man you can’t take advice from 20 to 24 yrs old but u can grant interview with 20 to 24 yrs old ladies 😂 I really love the way they are playing with you 😂 this is ur little way of trying to stop us from telling u the truth but no way we go dey hit u with Monday harmer.