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I’ll stay till death – Lady vows to be loyal to her man who got disabled while trying to save her (Video)



A young lady identified as Ekua Dimple, has shared an story on the internet which triggered emotions in social media users.

She took to her TikTok account to show off the love of her life who is physically disabled as a result of a sacrifice he made.

Ekua explained that her lover got injured while he was trying to save her and this affected his legs to a point that he could no longer use them fully.

But she did not give further details about the incident in which her life was in danger that resulted in him having to come to her rescue.

In the video, she and her man were in a car and he was driving with only his left leg as the right one remained in one position.

She revealed that he can no longer walk, but vowed that she would remain with him till death do them part. While playing a touching song in the background, Ekua stretched out her hand to place on his leg.

Watch the video below:

@ekuadimple #😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 #sad #viral ♬ original sound – Sarah Cothran

CorrectNG reported earlier that a Nigerian lady went on social media to reveal that she remained with her boyfriend despite his financial situation.

According to the young woman known on TikTok as @barbie_lucienne, when she met her man he did not even have a phone of his own. However, she did not leave him because he did not have money to take care of both of them and her patience paid off as he became rich enough to buy an expensive car.

She made this known in a short clip posted on the video-sharing platform while highlighting the changes in their financial status as a couple. The video showed a transition from when they just started dating to present day where he now owns a Benz.

The man and woman could be seen cruising around town in the a Mercedes Benz as they held hands like sweet lovers.

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