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I’ll never return to Nigeria – Actor, Akeem Akintola vows after saving €1700 in a month (Video)



Europe-based Nigerian actor, Akeem Akintola has revealed how much he was able to save in Europe after a month of working.

The young man said he works two jobs and he was able to successfully save the sum of €1700 (over N1million) in one month.

He vowed never to go back to his motherland, Nigeria after realising how much he is making abroad.

Akeem shared a video which showed the monies laid out on a table in different denominations.

He also broke into a celebratory dance while showing off the Euro notes which were in his hand.

A latter part of the clip captured the young man sitting on the floor and counting how much he had left after paying his bills.

”After working 2 jobs I save €1700 a month. I swear I no fit g Nigeria again,” he wrote in the clip.

Watch the video below:

In other news, Nigerian rapper and internet celebrity, Speed Darlington, has said that being rich in America is not as satisfying as having riches while living in Africa.

He made the comparison while dry cleaning his clothes at a laundromat as he noted that if he were in Nigeria, someone would do it for him instead of using a washing machine himself.

According to Speed Darlington, with a few thousand naira, there are people willing to render different types of services back home.

In a video he posted on social media, Speedy said that for N17k someone would have showed up and his house to take his dirty clothes, dry clean, iron and repackage them and have everything delivered to him.

The artiste had returned to Nigeria in December and spent some months in the country after getting his own apartment in Lagos.

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