I’ll knockout Anthony Joshua in three rounds – Wilder

Former WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder is confident in his ability to knock out British boxer, Anthony Joshua in three rounds.

The Bronze Bomber was reported to face Joshua in Saudi Arabia in December, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation.

Wilder is trying to get a fight with Andy Ruiz as well as the British-Nigerian in 2023 in a bid to prove that he’s still the fighter he was before suffering his first defeat at the fist of Tyson Fury in 2021.

The American boxer did not mince words when speaking about how Ruiz’s dad questioned the money offer his son got to fight Wilder.

“I didn’t talk to Andy’s daddy about any type of money whatsoever. Andy’s gonna be 33 years old, f**king broke, can’t support his children because his daddy made decisions for him. Decisions that he should’ve made for himself.

“They’re taking about 50/50? You ain’t nowhere compared to me. Stop that. I and Andy are two different people. Andy was only champion in the blink of an eye. I’m a five-year, 10-title defense champion. What I possess is power, I put people on the edge of their seats every time,” Wilder told ES News.

Asked for a prediction on the Joshua fight, he said; “Joshua’s a three-round fight. People come to see my God-given talent.”

Wilder added; “On the other hand, Andy, what are we seeing from him? A short, fat fighter with small hands that make him look fast. That’s it. The only reason this fight would be exciting is because they wanna see how fast I would knock him out. Andy’s a one-round fight”.