I’ll kill you and myself – Sugar mummy tells lover who wants dump her to marry his girlfriend (Video)

Drama ensued between a Nigerian sugar mummy and her younger lover who participated in an online content revolving around shaky relationships and prospective dates.

The young man revealed that he wanted to leave his sugar mummy to marry his girlfriend and start a family but she was opposed to the idea, and threatened to kill him.

Sugar mummy threatens lover

In a video posted on Blind Date TV, the woman said she called the TV show organisers to help her prevent her sugar boy from leaving for someone else but they chose to support him.

The boy said he still loves her and would not mind continuing their relationship even after he gets married but the woman got even more infuriated.

A chaotic scene broke out as she slapped the female presenter and her lover boy, and stated that rather than allow him marry another girl she would kill him and herself.

The sugar mummy said; “This boy is going to leave me, it’s not possible. Instead of him going to marry another girl, I will kill him and kill myself.”

Watch video below:

In another news…

A young Nigerian man simply known as David has narrated his ordeal with a sugar mummy he met last year that nearly made him lose his life during their first bedroom activity.

The 25-year-old guy said she took him home where two of her friends were waiting and they exhausted him so much that he knew that i he did not stop it may lead to him collapsing, so he found a way to escape through the bathroom.

David narrated; I had been looking for a sugar mommy for a very long period until I finally met one on social media. We linked up and chilled together and we were having random conversations. She was actually telling me how she had different sugar boys who never satisfy her in bedand how she wasted her money on them.

The next thing I saw was tears rolling down her eyes. In my mind, so the woman is just crying because of not getting what she wants from men. I told her I was going to make her forget her past. We drove off to her place, on reaching there, I met two of her other friends who were in her house. I was like what’s all this one doing here by this time, I greeted them and she showed me the way to her room. I showered and I was waiting for her.

To my greatest surprise, she and her friends all came to the room and were smiling, I didn’t say a word. We started making out in front of her friends. After 1, 2, 3 and 4 rounds, I was tired. She was still asking for more rounds. One of her friends then said to me, “this one you are tired just after 4 rounds, I hope you aren’t the lazy type. They all laughed. In my mind, “I’m going to prove these women wrong tonight”, so we continued. Her friends joined us this time, I was really weak that I couldn’t even move again. When I realize that the situation was getting out of hand, I said I wanted to use the restroom. I had to use the opportunity to run for my life.