I’ll be cooking for my uncle for 7 days – Man in disbelief as girlfriend cancels Christmas plans

A young Ghanaian man simply known as Hussayn has taken to social media to share the hilarious and unexpected message his girlfriend sent to him.

In the screenshot he posted on Twitter (X), his babe told him that her uncle just returned from Germany for Christmas and he came with some friends.

The lady said that she will be cooking for them from the 20th to 27th of December and as such she would not be available for her boyfriend during the said period.

Man girlfriend message cooking for 7 days

“My uncle from Germany is in, he came with some friends so I’m cooking for them from 20th to 27th,” she wrote.

Sharing the chat, Hussayne captioned; “See what my woman send me.😭😭”

A tweep @Yafat8008 suggested; Give up man. She dey go camp somewhere

But @_Hussayn replied; “But I love this girl.😔”

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@FakePowers_; Why she wan break Guinness book of record 🤣🤣🤣

@_counters; cooking marathon or.?? inform guinness world record

@DaakyeBillo; it fit be true moum but cos what some people demma experiences shared on here show we, you go figa fanfooling.