Ilebaye debunks claims that she used ‘charms’ in BBNaija house

Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ winner, Ilebaye Odiniya, has denied claims by her colleague that she was engaging in fetish practice with cowries she brought into the house.

The Kogi-born model explained why she was talking to the cowries which she carries everywhere in memory of her late brother.

Fellow ex-housemate, CeeC once revealed that she saw Ilebaye communicating with the object and it made her suspicious.

Ilebaye cowries

But clearing the air in a chat with Christy O on Pulse’s One On One, the 22-year-old said the only reason she was with the cowries was because she felt the need to hold onto something strong that will remind her of her brother.

Christy O host asked: “There is a claim online where CeeC was saying that you had cowries that you were talking to. Can you tell me more about it?”

Ilebaye replied: “I had something precious to me. Because obviously, you are supposed to have something precious when you’re doing something that you miss at home.

“And the cowries were for my late brother. It has been with me and even the baton. I have a baton on him too.

“I didn’t know where to keep it. I was just like, Oh! Let me hold something strong. It just helps me feel like he [my late brother] is around. He is still with me.”

The BBNaija winner further said that when the show ended and she heard what CeeC said in the house, she was disappointed.