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Igbo Apprenticeship System passes first phase of editorial work at Harvard



The Igbo Apprenticeship System also called the ‘Umunne Economics’, which has been adopted for decades by the people of south-east Nigeria will in no distant time earn publication rights on a global platform.

Founder and president of the African Institute of Technology, Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, has revealed that the Igbo Apprenticeship System has passed the first phase to feature on Harvard publication.

Ekekwe who is also a Harvard Business Review writer, made the known via his Twitter page on Tuesday, February 24,

According to him, there are more phases to go.

He wrote: “The Igbo Apprenticeship System work has passed the first phase of editorial work at Harvard. We have more phases to go, but everything is looking fine. Due to the nature of the topic, it is taking time.”

Defining the system, the Professor wrote: “The Igbo Apprenticeship System is a business philosophy of shared prosperity where participants co-competitively participate to attain organic economic equilibrium where accumulated market leverageable factors are constantly weighted and calibrated out.”

He noted further that the system, via dilution and surrendering of market share, enables social resilience and the formation of livable clusters, engineered by major participants funding their competitors.

He added: “My postulation is that everything the world is looking for, to reduce inequality, the Igbo Apprenticeship System has frameworks that could be adapted, for the rise of all.”

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