If your boyfriend doesn’t take you out, it’s okay to let other guys – Comedienne tells ladies

A South African comic act known as Chrissy Matts has stated a condition under which women in relationships can be allowed to go on dates with other men.

She said that if a girl feels unappreciated by the fact that her boyfriend does not take her on dates, then she is free to agree to give in to different men’s date request.

Chrissy shared her controversial opinion on microblogging site, Twitter and sparked a plethora of reactions.

The comedienne wrote; ”Letting other men take you out because your boyfriend isn’t, is perfectly fine.”

A user @TshireMokoena asked; Why aren’t you taking him out?

Chrissy replies; I would if he did the same.

Also, @Mr_Rager787 asked; Why not just leave 😂

@chrissy_matts; You can’t just leave, you need to know where you’re going next😂

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has revealed that she is pregnant for her boyfriend’s friend whom they accommodated in their house.

She said she pays equal rent with her boyfriend and he invited his friend to stay with them early this year even after she vehemently opposed the idea.

The lady said she is now three months pregnant for the guy who has his own girlfriend and is telling her to pin the child on her boyfriend.

According to her, the main man promised to marry her when he is done with his Masters degree but seeing as how he continues to delay, she now wants to leave him for the friend.

She also knows the girlfriend of the person she is pregnant for, but given the complicated situation, she sought advice on how to deal with the secret lover’s girl.

She further said the other man also promised to breakup with his babe and marry her but she does not know if he will keep his word.

The woman blamed her boyfriend for what happened, saying that if he had listened to her and not invited his friend, she would not have gotten pregnant or fallen for him.

In her words; ‘‘I rented an apartment with my boyfriend. We paid fifty fifty. Earlier this year he brought in his friend to live with us against my will. We were to get married once he’s done with his Masters. To cut the long story short, I am 3 months gone for his friend, sadly this friend has a serious relationship.

My guy believes that he is responsible for the pregnancy. When I told his friend that I’m pregnant for him, he said I should pretend that the baby belongs to my guy,while he looks for money to rent his own apartment and then end his relationship with his girlfriend. I love him and would want to settle down with him. As for my guy he will deal with it, because I did my best to discourage him from bringing his friend to live with us. Moreover he wasn’t serious about marrying me.

Where I need advise is on how to deal with his girlfriend because she happen to be someone i know (close). And do you think he will rent an apartment and take care of me as he promised? This can happen to anyone, please don’t judge me. Just need advise.”