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If you suspect her, insist on checking her phone even if she threatens to break up – UK-based Nigerian man advises



A Nigerian man residing in the United Kingdom has penned some words of advice to men who suspect their partner is having an affair.

Sir Dickson took to Twitter to state that man should not allow his woman blackmail him by asking the ”Don’t you trust me” question.

Rather, it would be smart of him to insist on checking her phone, and if she threatens to break for it, he should still take the chance.

According to Dickson with handle @Wizarab10, he needs to get confirmation by checking her phone, but if the relationship ends whether she is cheating or not, at least he cleared his suspicion.

He wrote;

”When they ask you, “Don’t you trust me? You really want to look at my phone? If you look at this phone, it is over because it means there is no trust between us.”

Never fall for it by not looking. Bet your chances on looking at the phone. If the relationship ends, let it end.”

See his tweet:

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