“If VeryDarkman dares me, I will beat him” – Blessing CEO

Nigerian relationship advisor and influencer, Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has vowed to beat activist, VeryDarkman with whom she often clashes online.

Blessing made the vow in an interview with Saturday Beats as she noted that despite her controversial online persona, she is a disciplined individual in real life.

If VeryDarkman dares me, I will beat him - Blessing CEO

On her frequent exchange with VeryDarkman whose real name is Martin Vincent Otse, the self-acclaimed therapist said did not have anything against him, but if he dares her then she will beat him.

In her words; “People often misunderstand me because of my activities on social media. But in reality, I very disciplined. My father instilled in me the value of selective actions, which has helped me to abstain from habits, such as smoking and drinking. I take pride in my actions, and I always hold myself accountable.

“VDM had been insulting me for months. He did a lot until I told him enough is enough. I am not going after him; but, if he does something to me, I will retaliate. It’s just that I will not reply when expected. If VDM dares me, I will beat him, just the same way David beat Goliath. It is not by being muscular.”

Speaking on her status as a celebrity, Blessing CEO said fame has made her keep to herself more in recent times and cautious of the people she dates.

“I am sapiosexual, so I love an intelligent and productive man. I am also very cautious of the kind of people I date because of fame. Fame has made me withdraw into my shell,” she said.