If I die, no outsider should grieve online – BBNaija’s Lucy warns against ‘fake love’

Big Brother Naija star, Lucy Edet has released a public service announcement to her colleagues and fans over what they should not do if she dies anytime in the nearest future.

The food entrepreneur said anytime she goes to the great beyond, the only people permitted to grieve with social media posts are her family members.

Taking to her social media page, Lucy said she does not expect anybody else to mourn her by writing eulogies.

She further urged her followers to pass a message across to those who may want to be overtly emotional over her demise that they should keep their tributes to themselves.

“If I die and anybody apart from my family are posting that they love me and all that bullsh$$. Please tell them to shove it up their a$$$,” she wrote.

See her post:

Meanwhile, a lady has narrated a disturbing story of how she failed to prevent her boyfriend’s death because she found out he was cheating on her.

She said that her boyfriend developed high blood pressure during the 8-month long ASUU strike, so he stopped going to the gym.

However, on one fateful days, she visited him and they were just both operating their phones only for him to suddenlyt fall from the bed.

She picked up his phone and tried to call a hospital as well as his brother but that was when she saw he was chatting with someone on WhatsApp.

The lady said she refused to call the hospital or his sibling after reading his chat, and that was how he died. She said it was after he passed that she finally made the call.

According to the lady, it happened six months earlier but the guilt of her evil deed is eating her up and she does not know what to do.

In her words; “Please hide my name. During ASUU strike, I visited my boyfriend. He stopped working out when he found out that he has high blood pressure.

So this other day I was in bed with my boyfriend and we were both busy on our phones. Out of the blue he fell from the bed. I noticed he was having a heart attack. I took his phone with the aim of calling an ambulance (kellina hospital gwarimpa) and his brother. I noticed his WhatsApp was still on. Out of curiosity I read his last chat.

He was chatting with the girl he promised he would stay away from, and she was breaking up with him full stop after begging and begging and failing korma is suffered a heart attack. Out of anger I didn’t call the ambulance and his brother.

He died right in front of me and I didn’t feel a thing at the moment. I was hurt that he was chatting with another woman right next to me. it’s been 6 months now and his death is starting to haunt me. I’m blaming myself for what happened and I can’t talk to anyone about it. They think I tried to save him but what they don’t know is I really made the call for help after he died. What can I do to get rid of this guilt?”.