If he really loves he’ll never get you Valentine’s gift – Jane Mena

Popular Nigerian dancer, Jane Mena, has asserted that a man who really loves his partner will never buy her a gift for Valentine.

She made the assertion on Instagram as Valentine’s Day approaches and ladies have already started receiving gifts from their lovers.

When Jane Mena’s shared her thoughts, singer SlimCase agreed with her and explained that a a man is all the gift his woman needs so long as he is fully committed to the relationship and that is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

The celebrity dancer said; “A man who really loves you will never get you a Valentines gift. Know this and know peace.”

Slimcase said; He has become the gift if he is with u whole heartedly that’s all about Val

To which Jane responded; ‘That’s it ‘

Similarly, a Nigerian healthcare worker has asserted that it is not right for a woman to buy her boyfriend or lover a gift for Valentine’s Day because it makes him less of a man.

She said a lady who does that is only making her man weak because he is not supposed to receive from the opposite gender.

Taking to her Twitter page, the lady known as @perfectioncraze, noted that only weak men take gifts rather than give.

She wrote; “You emasculate your man when you buy him a gift for Valentine’s. Real men give, weak men take.”

CorrectNG reported earlier that a man broke up with his girlfriend few days to Valentine’s Day due to personal reasons which he explained to her.

The story was shared by @NameIsLita on microblogging site, Twitter, who happens to be a friend to the jilted lady.

She said the guy told his babe that he ended their relationship because he was too broke to concentrate.

The tweet reads; “My friend was dumped by her boyfriend and his reason was that he’s too broke to concentrate on the relationship.”

A tweep @Takunachola said; Logical and makes sense. People have broken up for way worse

@NameIsLita responded; The problem is she liked him a lot, she’s hurt.