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If he gives you spare key – Lady shares how girls can know if they’re the main chic



A young Nigerian lady has shared some tips with her gender for them to figure out if the man they are dating sees them as his main babe.

In a video making the rounds online, she listed four things which are key to getting confirmation of their status in the relationship.

According to the social media user, if a man gives his ATM card pin to his woman, then she is the main girlfriend.

She also said that a guy who gives his girlfriend the spare key to his house, no doubt sees her as his number one.

Furthermore, she said it is a clear indication of a woman’s serious position in her man’s life for her to have the phone number of either his parents or siblings. However, the last thing she mentioned is an extremity, so it stirred controversy.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, a Nigerian lady went on social media to declare with confidence that her boyfriend will never cheat.

She listed five reasons why she believes he won’t cheat on her ithanother girl and the first is that is that his family know her.

The second thing she mentioned is that she cooks delicious food for him and the third was her talking about how fine she is.

The young girl further said that because she does not bill him she knows he won’t end the relationship. In conclusion, she said that all her boyfriend’s friends know her as his girlfriend.

In the video she posted, she listed the reasons as the on-screen caption while dancing to a song.

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