If a woman loves you, she’ll go any length to see you succeed – Actor Williams Uchemba

Popular actor, Williams Uchemba has given an insight into the importance of a man getting into a relationship with a woman that loves him dearly.

In a video posted on Instagram, he said a woman who genuinely loves the man in her life would go to any extent to help him achieve success.

The Nollywood star said any man that wishes to be successful should by all means have a caring woman by his side in whatever he does.

Uchemba explained that there’s a gift God has given to women and a mystery about them that he cannot seem to comprehend.

Using his life as an example, the actor said most of the projects he has undertaken in his life where he incorporated women in one or two areas witnessed progress.

Furthermore, he warned men that they have to be careful not to get on their other side of the female folks as they will live to regret it.

Watch him speak:

needum_value commented; When an intelligent person speaks, you will know 🙌🙌 God bless you sir

_nellywilson; It’s always great to see a man who understands the importance of feminism and the fact that it goes beyond just home affairs.

thejennie_ric; My dad told me something,he said “Any home that the man listens to his wife and shower is family with love and affection,that home can never lack” cause a woman’s happiness brings light into darkness. And this was almost the same thing my husband was just telling me yesterday.