I’d sleep with you for 4 days – Handsome man shares message from lady he asked for N50k loan

A Nigerian man known as Chizitere Ahubelem, has shared the message he received from a lady he asked for a loan.

He informed her that he needed N50,000 but she gave him a condition unde which she would grant his request.

In a WhatsApp chat Chizitere posted on Facebook the lady made it clear to him that she would have to go to bed with him for 4 days.

The broad-chested man used his experience to pass a message urging netizens to pray that their destiny helpers are not sxxually attracted to them.

The social media influencer revealed that it happened on Thursday afternoon when he had no money in his mobile app and was too lazy to do POS.

Chizitere explained: “I didn’t have any money in my transfer app on that particular account, and I was lazy to go to the POS with the cash I had to deposit.”

See the screenshot:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady identified as Josephine has called out her friend’s boyfriend for borrowing money from his babe and refunding the exact amount.

The young woman took to Twitter and revealed that the man asked his girlfriend to send N20,000 to his mechanic.

He had apparently exceeded his daily transfer limit which is why he made the request from his babe with the promise to return the money.

The man kept to his promise and refunded the N20k, but Josephine felt disappointed that he did not add anything to the money.

She revealed that it happened in the morning on Monday and his action made her generalise that men have no conscience.

Josephine tweeted; ‘‘My Friends boyfriend asked her to transfer 20k to his mechanic yesterday cos he has exceeded his daily limit ,this morning, he returned the money 20k exactly, Nothing else,men have no conscience.”