I wouldn’t have discovered my musical talent if not for my mom – Qing Madi

Rising Nigerian singer, Chimamanda Pearl Chukwuma, otherwise called Qing Madi, has said that she had musical talent during her childhood but did not know she could sing.

The ‘See Finish’ crooner said it was her mother who made her realise that she possessed the singing ability and went on to play a pivotal role in her career.

wouldn't have discovered my musical talent if not for my mom - Qing Madi

The 17-year-old singer who sat down for a chat with Kim Oprah on Hip TV’s Trending, recalled how her mother encouraged her to do music professionally.

Madi revealed that she wanted to be a lot of things but not an artiste, however, her mum was more passionate about her talent.

She said; “I didn’t realize I could sing, my mom did. She was the one that was very forward with my career when I wasn’t passionate about it. She wanted it more than I wanted it. I wanted to be a lot of things, not an artiste.”

In other news…

Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David alias Spyro, has revealed that his father stopped him from becoming a fine artist despite knowing how to draw.

He said that when he quit drawing and tried to go into music, his dad, who is a pastor, also made attempts to ensure he does not become an artiste, but that one failed.

Spyro shared this during a chat with Taymesan on the Tea With Tay podcast, while recalling how the man vehemently opposed his decision to become a musician.

The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ hit maker added that despite having parents, he took to menial jobs like selling recharge cards to foot his bills and also buy studio time to record songs.

He said; “Being a pastor, my dad never wanted me to do music. I was a fine artist before. I could draw so well but for one reason or the other, he stopped me from doing that. Then I started music. He also wanted to stop me from doing that then I got rebellious.

“I have always had a flair for music right from primary school. I was in the church choir. And I was really good. All the choir masters back then always commended my talent. I was also playing the drum set back then. But my dad never wanted me to do music. It was war. But I knew it was what God has called me to do.

“After my secondary education, I started recording songs at the studio. I was selling recharge cards back then because I had to make ends meet even though I had parents that were feeding me. But I had to hustle to pay for my lifestyle and book studio time.”