I work very hard, linking my success to men is hurtful – Ashmusy

Famous Nigerian content creator, Amarachi Amusi also known as Ashmusy, has lamented about people attributing her success to men.

The skit-maker said that she is an enterprising woman who worked very hard to every money she boasts of, so it is hurtful and annoying to hear that she is funded by notable men.

Ashmusy addressed rumours about her lifestyle in a chat with Saturday Beats, decrying how society connects men to the progress of successful women.

Ashmusy rebrand success

She also said that the wrong notion people have about her made her see the need to rebrand herself by covering up herself instead of wearing provocative dresses.

She said: “Linking a woman’s success to men can be annoying and hurtful. That is the reason I want to rebrand myself. It can be hurtful when a young girl works so hard, and all her efforts are linked to a man.

“After I reflected on everything I had been doing so far, from my dressing to my videos, I decided to correct them by changing that narrative. I am still an entertainer and I still have to entertain in some way, but it will be done in a better way.

“The idea of rebranding myself has been in my head since 2022, but I just wanted to be sure I was ready; and also I wanted clear all my pending deals. I felt the need to leave that stage for another one.

“Covering up myself (in outfits) is a part of my rebranding. I hated the fact that a man was said to be the source of my success. That narrative was hurtful, because I know how hard I work to make every single dime. I will ascribe my success to God, consistency and hard work.”

When asked what she’s most proud of about herself, Ashmusy said: “I have been able to build myself to a certain level in every aspect without having to depend on any man. My family has been supportive too.”