I won’t relocate to U.S. because Nigeria is ‘sweeter’ – Highlife star, Gbenga Falope

Nigerian Highlife musician, Gbenga Falope says he has no intention of relocating to the United States of America.

This comes as the singer noted that he has traveled to the US more than 10 times between 2015 and 2023.

Falope made the statement during an interview, saying that Nigeria is ‘sweet’ and he has not seen any reason to move abroad.

The former President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, (PMAN), also said that he has only performed in the UK and US.

He said; “I am based in Nigeria, and I love it here. I have never thought of relocating and I don’t intend to. I have been to the US on more than 10 occasions since 2015; but I have never considered living there. Nigeria is ‘sweet’.

“I have only performed in the US and United Kingdom. However, I will love to perform all over the world, so far music is listened to and enjoyed there.”

He also talked about his decision to venture into music as a fulltime career after he graduated from the University of Ile Ife now referred to as Obafemi Awolowo University.

Falope said; “I started making music as a student of the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile Ife, Osun State. After leaving the university, I decided to change it from being just a hobby to a career, instead of job hunting.”

Speaking on the challenges he encountered on his journey to stardom, he said one issue he battled with as getting equipment.

“Along the line, I realised that, just like it obtains in other professions, one needs equipment to make quality music, and those don’t come cheap. I had that initial challenge with equipment, but God used my mother, Olapeju, to solve that problem for me. She gave me N2,000 to start with.

With that money, I bought a Casio keyboard and speakers. Another challenge was having colleagues who badmouthed one; saying that why should one be having more shows than them. Yet another issue was getting people to accept our brand, although that was resolved with regular weekly shows at hotels and other venues.

I was able to overcome those through perseverance and the grace of God; and for those (challenges) still remaining, I believe they will all be surmounted by the grace and mercy of God,” the Highlife star said.