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I won’t miss the peppersoup, you people tried to kill me – Outgoing French ambassador

Outgoing Ambassador of France to Nigeria, Ms Emmanuelle Blatmann has said she won’t be missing the pepper soup she consumed in the country.

She jokingly said ‘You people tried to kill me several times’ while delivering her farewell speech after being directed to return to France following the completion of her assignment in Nigeria.

Blatmann disclosed to journalists on Thursday that she is returning home to take up a new role as the director for Africa in Paris.

The diplomat recounted how she eats spicy foods that make her eyes red and teary. She noted that it is a bit manageable in the northern region but the south-west almost ‘killed her with pepper soup.’

Speaking ahead of her departure, the ambassador, however, said she would miss the country’s weather, people, music, and other food aside from pepper soup.

Blatmann said; “I will be very honest with you and blunt, I will not miss the pepper soup because it’s too peppery. You people tried to kill me several times.

“I will be eating all sorts of things with my eyes red and crying, I have smoke coming out of my ears. I am exaggerating but honestly, why do you put so much pepper? In the North, it’s better but in the South West, my God!

“But I like the jollof rice, I like the moimoi and the puff-puff. I will miss the climate, I will miss the love of the people, I will miss the sense of humour, the laughter, the music, the dancing, I dance a lot, I will miss a lot.”