I won’t marry a virgin, they make poor decisions – OAP Nedu

Controversial On-Air Personality and actor, Nedu Wazobia has said that he can never marry lady whose virginity is intact.

He said why it is not wise to settle down with a virgin is because those who are not, make better decisions in life.

Nedu said the chaste girls boast attach their value to their status by referring to it as a thing of pride hence why they brag about it even when they are over 30.

He said; “If I want to marry, I would not get marry to someone who’s a virgin and I will tell you why.

I think girls that are not virgins tends to make better decisions, those girls that are virgins, they believe, oh this is my pride, my virginity is my pride, it’s my value, I’m a 30 Year Old and I’m a virgin and I kept it to myself”.

Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile a born-again lady recently said that she prayed to God to erase all memories of the men she’s been with before settling down with her man.

Adara Sherron, who is a counselor, said that she entered into her marriage as a new person without any feeling of shame.

She said that though she was not a virgin and her husband was one, they decided not to let that ruin intimacy on their marriage.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote; “When hubby and I got serious about courtship, I fasted and prayed, and asked God to erase any ties to and memories of the men I had been with before my husband. I was not coming to our marriage bed with no prior activity. I wasn’t coming to it ashamed or condemned either because I was made clean in Christ, however I wanted to be able to come to my marriage bed with dignity; and for our experience together to be unique to us. He was a virgin and I was not, but I didn’t want that to be a hindrance to our sexual relationship.

People forget that “the marriage bed is undefiled” also means both partners have no sexual ties including memories to any other person past AND present. So I prayed, and consecrated MYSELF. I’m grateful that God erased everything. Not a single recollection. I wanted to have nothing and nobody to compare him to. Part of the reason marriages get into trouble is when couples aren’t sexually satisfied due to measuring their spouse against previous partners.

Comparison is truly the thief of all joy. Including the joy of coming together as one. No pun intended. Here’s the deal: S#x IS LEARNED BEHAVIOR. That means you have to learn your spouse and you will never truly do that living the memories of previous partners before your spouse.

If you’re desiring marriage and you were intimate with someone who wasn’t your spouse, pray about the memories and details of that experience(s) to be removed from your heart and spirit. People can laugh at me, accuse me of being a “former whore” and whatever else. I know I am not and my king doesn’t see me as that.”