I won’t leave my wife if she cheats – Seun Kuti

Grammy nominated Nigerian singer and songwriter, Seun Kuti, has revealed that he won’t leave his wife, Yetunde Kuti, if she cheats on him.

This is also as his wife, said that she will never divorce him even if he is unfaithful, and there is nothing he is going to do that will be so heavy for her to consider leaving him.

The Nigerian couple recently appeared as special guests during the Valentine edition of TVC’s entertainment and lifestyle programme, ‘Your View.’

I won't leave my wife if she cheats - Seun Kuti

Seun explained that his reason is anchored on the the idea that infidelity is not a deal breaker in their marriage.

Yetunde said; “There is nothing my husband is going to do that would make me leave him. Even if he cheats on me I won’t leave him. I am not going to leave my husband because he cheated on me. Nah, that can’t happen.”

Seun inferred: “We don’t believe in cheating. What is cheating? Love is not ownership.”

The anchor asked Seun; “Would you leave her [your wife] if she cheats on you,” to which he replied; “No. What has that got to do with anything?”

Meanwhile, in similar news…

Reality TV star, Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, popularly known as Doyin, has said she’s comfortable with a cheating partner so long as he still loves her.

She made her preference known while during an episode of her podcast, ‘Doyin’s Corner’ which featured her colleagues, Beauty and Modella.

According to Doyin, she does not define loyalty as the act of being faithful because she believes that if her person cheats it doesn’t mean they do not love their partner.

She said; “My partner can love me but still cheat on me. But I don’t think that because he has cheated, he doesn’t love me. For me, my definition of loyalty is not, don’t cheat me.

“I’m just trying to be realistic in my relationship. For me, I will say I want a partner that he will tell me, babe, I’m travelling for six months, I can not promise you that I will be loyal for six months.”