I won’t change my lifestyle to please Nigerians – Daniel Regha

Nigerian Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha, has said there is nothing about his lifestyle that he would change in a bid to please people.

He said he is not easily influenced by public opinion and he still embraces the lifestyle he lived before becoming famous.

I won't change my lifestyle to please Nigerians - Daniel Regha

The 29-year-old social commentator also said that being an influencer has helped him to grown financially, spiritually and mentally.

Regha said; “I still do everything I did before the popularity, from trekking to the market, to bargaining with shoemakers. I am not easily influenced by anyone or anything, and I won’t be changing my lifestyle to fit any perspective.”

“Being an influencer has helped me to grow in many ways; mentally, spiritually and financially. I am not one of those influencers with a likeable personality, so I had to toughen up mentally to take the backlash I often receive.

“Though it’s not that I really care about people’s negative remarks. Again, my relationship with God was taken more seriously, as God is the only one I turn to for protection against unseen forces. Being an influencer also pays, so I make money promoting brands. Another benefit is the connection that comes with it.”

Speaking further, the vocal critic said he is not bothered about negative comments because they are just people’s personal opinions.

“Like I said earlier, people’s negative remarks don’t get to me, because that is their personal opinions. I also have opinions about others and I expect them not to take offense too. So, if I get offended or even bothered over people’s opinions of me, that would make me a hypocrite.

I usually start my days by watching animal documentaries, cartoons or funny educational content that set my mood for the day. And, I do everything to protect my inner peace. You cannot troll someone who does not care.

Criticism is a part of life. I expect it and learn from it. I pay no attention to negative remarks or criticisms though, because I know many people say those things out of spite,” Regha said.