I wish men were more vulnerable – Beverly Naya (Video)

Popular Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, has said that she wishes for men to be more emotionally vulnerable.

She stated this during a chat with colleague, Efa Iwara on Nollywire, emphasising that women appreciate men who are more connected with their emotions.

The delectable thespian that a man is truly in love with a woman when he exhibits unexplainable vulnerability towards her.

Beverly Naya said she desires a society where men can be vulnerable without feeling judged or embarrassed about it.

Beverly Naya

She added that men, especially those from Nigeria are conditioned to perceive vulnerability as a weakness and wish that could change because she doesn’t agree with it.

Beverly said; “I wish men were just more in touch with their emotions like women are, and vulnerable, women appreciate that so much. One thing I’ve noticed is that when a man is able to vulnerable with a woman or can’t explain how or when it happened, then he’s in love with the woman, he’s gone.”

Watch her speak:

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