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‘I wish I could actually change my skin colour and be a white man’ – Former BBA housemate , Tayo Faniran says (Video)



Former Big Brother Africa housemate, Akintayo John Faniran, popularly known as Tayo Faniran, has made a video wishing he could change his skin colour and be a white man.

Tayo’s outburst came after the flooding in Lagos that left many houses and streets flooded and dirty. According to him, he literally had to swim all the way from his house to work yesterday.

He went on to slam black people, saying they are their own problem as they are all wicked.

“I swear I have never had a reason in my entire life to wish I was a white man, but today i wish I could actually change my skin colour, I wish I could be a white man. Black people why are you so wicked? Why are you so mean?” he said.

Watch the video below…

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