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”I will worship my husband, make him feel like a king” – Young lady opposes feminism



A young lady has taken to social media to reveal how she would adore and love her husband when she eventually gets married.

The woman simply identified on Twitter as Possy The Babe, who noted that she is not in any way her husband’s equal, stressed that she would worship him.

According to her, treating her hubby like a king that he is, is her own way of loving passionately.

Possy whose comments sparked mixed reactions of outrage and support, also stated that she does not want to be her man’s equal.

She wrote; ”See eh, me like this, I will literally worship my husband, that’s the way I love, I will make you feel like the king you are. I am not your equal and I don’t even want to be.”

See her post below:

In reaction, @bummmshasha said; Well, I’m his equal. But I’m totally into my husband

@_iniEmem said; We’ll look at that. Here’s your pick me trophy. Well done mama

@LeoKolade replied; You women always say a woman has a right to do whatever she wants but insult women who choose to worship their men.

@darey2011; A lady who fears God doesn’t fight for equality. I sometimes question if some of them are truly Christians. Holy Spirit is not given to you to speak in tongues alone, He is there to give you the grace to submit to your man also in marriage.

@EnyoweN; Equality does not mean you won’t submit. We’re all equal in Christ.

@Nancydiva01; Me too pls, these gender equality thingy is exhausting and unnecessary, men and women are never equal and they will never be, God should just provide a good man for us and also help us to be a good wife

@tunde_young; If your feminism doesn’t acknowledge her right to feel this way, then it was just misandry all along.

@Ada_nnempi; I don’t believe in gender equality at all. Social media no be real life

@orukominiRolake; God kukuma know I no dey do gender equality wahala, If God wanted us to be equal, He wouldn’t have commanded that Men should provide for their homes.That doesn’t mean I won’t support o, because God said women are helper so I go be my husband(not boyfriend) helpmate.

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