I wasn’t dissing Mode 9 – Rapper Phenom clarifies

Nigerian Hip Hop act, Topa Onimowo, popularly known by his stage name, Phenom has apologised for his controversial comment about veteran rapper, Mode 9.

It may be recalled that during a chat on The Yarns podcast, Phenom said he does not want to end up like Mode 9 and would rather be as commercially successful as Phyno.

According to him, although he is not trying to talk down on anybody, he believes it is a mental problem for rappers to be wearing baggy jeans and talking about Hip Hop being a culture.

Mode 9 Phenom

Phenom said in part; “I don’t see Mode 9 as someone I want to be like. I would rather be somebody that is commercially successful. I was at Phyno’s house few days ago, I wanna have Phantoms parked in my house”

He faced serious backlash on the internet as a result of the comment, both from fans and musicians like Illbliss, N6 and Modenine himself.

Phenom took to his Twitter page on Nov 29 to clear the air and admitted that he expressed his opinion out of pure passion without carefully articulating his thoughts.

He added that his remark was not a diss at Mode 9 as his only intent was to point out the difference between commercial rap and the hardcore version.

I made a statement out of pure passion for a craft and gift I love and have been honing in the heat of the conversation I expressed myself without carefully articulating my thoughts. To anyone who might have taken offense I apologize. 🙏🏽

It wasn’t a diss to Mode9, sometimes it’s hard to covey or articulate one’s thoughts properly. I was trying to differentiate between a commercial artiste and a hardcore hip hop head,” he tweeted.