I was born still but my dad revived me by crying to God – Woman shares testimony

A Nigerian woman identified as Elle Peter has recalled the miracle that occurred in her life when she was just a newborn baby.

She said that her mother birthed her as a still child and the medical professionals wrapped her body and asked her parents to begin burial arrangements.

Elle said that her father refused to accept the sad news, so he cried to God for a miracle until a pulse was found.

She shared her story on Twitter and social media users with similar experiences flooded her comment section.

She wrote; “This reminds of the story of how I was born a still baby, wrapped and handed to my parents to be buried but my Dad refused to take the doctors report, he unwrapped me & cried to God until a pulse was found. God is still in the business of doing Miracles. May his name be praised.”

In reaction, @vbezy24 said; Your story reminds me also when my daughter was born last year, she came out nt breathing and looked pale blue, the dr was beating her foot and administering Oxygen to her for almost 15min by nothin happened i left the labour room n started praying outside, and God came through.

@Lovelyice13; For real though… my younger brother was born at home and he wasn’t breathing. He didn’t cry either. The mid wives did all they could. My mum started praying and 30 – 45 mins later, he threw up what looked like egg yoke and started breathing and crying. God works wonders.

@thatemeraldgirl; Hmm. I’d have loved this miracle for my mum too.But it didn’t happen.She suffered all her life.i wanted her to be alive to reap the fruits of her labour. I guess God shows mercy to those He wants to show mercy to. Still so painful. But He is God. It is well.

@nwaegbe_nkem; My sister God is a miracle worker. I didn’t cry when I was born apparently I wasnt breathing. Had to get into the incubator immediately. My son had his umblical chord around his neck. On delivery day for the 1st time throughout my pregnancy his heartbeat wasn’t felt. God is good

@MagniVicent100; Doctors even lie to parents to take their new born to specify hospital( sakamaje) hoping the child dies before getting so as to keep a clean sheet.