I want to report Mohbad for disturbing my dream – Oba Solomon cries out (Video)

Popular social media prophet, Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon Agbaye, has cried out over his encounter with late singer, Mohbad, in a dream.

He shared a video online wherein he appealed to Mohbad to stop disturbing him in his dream as he was not the person who caused his death.

According to the prophet, the rapper who passed away last week kicked him with his boot in his sleep and demanded help.

Mohbad Oba Solomon

Oba Solomon reported the artiste’s rude and disrespectful act to the public and said if he does not desist, he may be forced to ask thunder to strike him.

He said; “I want to report Mohbad to you all; he doesn’t have respect. I was sleeping when he came to kick me with his boot; he couldn’t even wake tap me, he hit me with his big boot, saying ‘please help me.’

Am I the one that killed you Mr man? There’s nobody I can’t curse; all of you that killed mohbad should go and report yourself to the police. Mohbad, take time; the next time you wake me like that, I will ask thunder to finish you. If you want to wake me, do it with respect; tap me.”

Watch the video:

Meanwhile in related news…

Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Ayoba earlier revealed that he had terrible dream relating to his son two days before he passed away.

In an interview, the grieving father described his relationship with Mohbad as more of friendship than father and son.

My Ayoba also shared details of his final moment with the music star, saying he had paid him a visit last Saturday where they had lunch together.

“Mohbad is my friend. I called him Oladimeji (meaning my second) because I’m the only son of my parents. We were close.

“The last day we met which was last Saturday, I went there (Mohbad’s house) and we dined together. When I was leaving he also gave me some money like he always did”

“I had a dream about him, two days before the incident. In the dream, I saw someone trying to shoot me. I thought I escaped the bullet not knowing something like this would happen to me.”