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I waited 10 years to kill best friend who snatched my boyfriend – Suspect confesses

Anita Ofili, the suspected killer of one Glory Okon, who was her friend, has revealed that she waited for 10 years to exert her revenge.

She allegedly confessed to stabbing her in her apartment at Greenville Estate, Ajah area of Lagos state because she snatched her boyfriend about a decade ago.

They fell out as a result of the incident and only reconciled two weeks ago.

Neighbours were alerted by a cry for help from Ofili’s self-contain apartment at 1:20 pm, on Sunday.

They forcefully opened the door open, only to discover Ofili thrusting a kitchen knife into Okon’s neck.

One of the co-tenants of the building, who said “the landlord’s daughter was the one that heard the scream.

The eyewitness added; “She peeped through the window and saw a masked person stabbing a lady. She rushed and called her father, who alerted other tenants that forced the door open, only to discover that the masked person was Anita Ofili.

“The whole room was filled with blood. We discovered that the victim was still breathing. We had to tie Ofili’s legs and hands to prevent her from escaping.

“Before the arrival of the Police, Ofili did not show any sign of remorse. She said she would explain to the Police what happened.

“She claimed the lady in question was her friend and that her action was in revenge for what her friend did to her.”

After her arrest, Ofili explained why she killed her friend whom she attended the same university with and had been close for two decades.

She said: “Glory and I had been good friends for years, but she betrayed that friendship by snatching my boyfriend.

“I had the intention of marrying him. Her action strained the relationship and we went our separate ways for 10 years. We only reconciled two weeks ago. I invited her to my house and the rest you know.”