I vowed to make money after my friend’s girlfriend made me wash plates – Crypto investor

A Nigerian bitcoin trader known as Wisdom Matic has opened up on moment in his life that he made a resolution to work hard for money.

He recounted the time he visited a friend’s house when he was still struggling, but his girlfriend mandated him to wash plates before he would be served food.

Sharing his story was in response to a tweep that wrote; “What was your biggest “I need to make money” moment?”

According to Wisdom, he had not eaten anything the previous day so he was very hungry and had no choice but to do the dishes.

He wrote; “During my Sapa days, I Was visiting a friend and the GF said if I don’t wash plates, I won’t eat

I didn’t eat anything a day before so I washed the plates because that food was my last hope of eating anything that day.”

A tweep, @Ikebobo_Dave said; You should be thanking her! Moments like that brings out the beast in you to make money

Wisdm replied; “It didn’t bring out anything at least not immediately 😂 I still went back few days later to eat.”

In related news one Oluwatomisin has recalled a distasteful experience that made him fall out with a close friend.

He narrated the incident via Twitter and said his buddie was accommodating him from time to time when he was in between jobs.

The UK-based man revealed that there was a girl his pal liked but he did not have the courage to approach her. Oluwatomisin said he wooed the girl on his friend’s behalf and linked them up.

His story was in response to “What was your biggest “I need to make money” moment ?”

However, as the relationship became serious, an issue came up when he went to spend the night at his place as he could not go home.

The narrator said he laid down on the floor but he could not sleep, and that was when he overhead the couple’s conversation about him.

The girl who was uncomfortable with his presence asked her boyfriend why his friend ‘Oluwatomisin’ was always in his house.

The boyfriend replied by saying he does not know why he always spends most of his time at his place, that he was just being polite that’s why he hadn’t asked him to leave or stop coming.

Tomi felt offended by the statement and left the house around 5am. He noted that since that day, they haven’t seen each other again.

He wrote; “When I was in between jobs, I would always visit my friend and stay with him for days before I went back home. He really liked this babe but he couldn’t approach her, I went ahead and “toasted” her for him and got them talking. They eventually became very serious and I was still

Visiting him. One night I was there and his girlfriend came to pass the night. I couldn’t go home so I decided to sleep on the floor but I couldn’t really sleep. Then I heard his girlfriend say “why is Tomi always in your house, doesn’t he have a house”

And my own friend replied “I don’t even know for him, I’m just being polite and I don’t know why he’s always here” he said it in yoruba and it pained me. I got up to leave the house when it was 5am and that was the last time I ever went there. Guy you go see this tweet, this is me officially telling you what went wrong.”

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