I usually flirt with men I’m not attracted to – Madame Joyce

UK-based Nigerian media personality, Madame Joyce, has revealed that she usually flirts with men that she does not fancy.

According to the podcaster, if the man is handsome but does not intimidate her, then she would flirt with him because she does not see herself being attracted to him.

Madame Joyce said if she comes across a guy that is very sexy and leaves her intimidated, then she ends up being very shy and avoids making eye contact with him.

I usually flirt with men I'm not attracted to - Madame Joyce

Speaking in a recent podcast episode, she said that she would probably give the guy a stern look to ward him off, however, she is working on changing that trait.

The show host explained that unlike before where men would still make their moves under such harsh circumstances, they are now more hesitant to approach a woman due to the social consciousness associated with the modern age.

According to her, a man on TikTok made her understand that men no longer approach women like it used to be in the past because they are trying to avoid being accused of harassment or being labelled a predator.

Madame Joyce said she realised that it is now up to women to be more open and do a bit more to give the men an indication that they want to be approached or else that may not happen.

Joyce said; “I usually flirt with men I don’t fancy. I usually flirt with men that are cute but don’t intimidate me. When it’s a guy that’s so sexy and I am intimidated, I just get so shy. When it comes to looking at them I just look away. I will probably give you a dirty look…”

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