I used to pray with my babe but she got pregnant for someone else – Heartbroken man

A Nigerian man has shared his personal heartbreak experience on microblogging site, Twitter, to prove that sometimes relationships never work no matter how prayerful one chooses to be.

The guy simply known as Chuks revealed that he used to pray with his girlfriend over the phone regularly and he never realised she was cheating.

According to the heartbroken, the lady who lived with him at the time, got pregnant for another guy right in his own house.

He recounted the incident in reaction to a post that read; “A man that prays & prays for you before he goes to bed.”

Chuks wrote; “We did this thing…we prayed over the phone multiple times yet she got pregnant for someone else under my roof.”

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Meanwhile in similar news…

A Nigerian man simply known as Orji, has narrated how his girlfriend’s show of ingratitude led to the end of their relationship.

The US-based techpreneur said he used to give her N20k every month for data subscription but because she asked for something else which he could not provide immediately, she downplayed his committment to her.

He said she asked him of what value he is to her when he appealed to her to exercise patience for some weeks so that he will look into her request.

Orji said the statement was heartbreaking and shocking but he knew he could no longer continue dating her after that day.

He wrote; “Some yrs ago, a woman I’ve done everything for, once asked me while sitting in my car “of what value re u to me?” Simply bcos there was something she asked me to do for her & I told her to give me a couple of weeks.

This was someone I was giving 20k monthly for data subscription. I couldn’t believe my ears that fateful day. And of course, that marked the end of our relationship.”

Reacting, @diamondemee said; And when many of you meet good women, you won’t spend up to 1k on her. You’ll be expecting her to ask. As they say, experience is the best teacher so let’s keep experiencing.

@amara_landu; In all honesty, I implore you guys to stop putting girlfriends on allowances. It’s quite odd in my opinion.