I used to add her name to noise makers’ list to provoke her – Man who married classmate marks 10-year anniversary

A Nigerian man celebrating 10 years marriage anniversary with his wife, has relished the genesis of their love story from secondary school.

He said she joined his school in 1999 when they were in JSS 3 and she was a quiet student but he still added her name to list of noise makers.

The husband known as Citizen Nagaziman on Facebook, said it took him years to see his wife’s beauty and he approached her in 2003 when they had finished from secondary school.

According to him, she initially dismissed his advances saying ‘nothing she will do with a razz guy’ but she agreed to be friends.

From that moment they maintained friendship for 10 years until they got married in 2013 and are now celebrating 20 years of being together.

Nagaziman wrote; “I knew my wife in 1999 when she joined our class, we were in JSS3, She hardly talk, I hate quiet people. I wasn’t feeling her vibes at all. I will add her name to the list of noise makers just to provoke her

You know how school uniform hides beauty, o yea, but one evening I ran into her without school uniform around “ohu oweyi”, I was like this girl fine oo, I must have been blinded by the beauty of the other girls in the class, it took me some years to tell her that I liked her, and that was in 2003, after we were done with secondary school. she was like you dey craze, there was nothing she will do with a razz guy like me but sha, we can be friends.

The friendship grew and was nurtured for over 10 years, till we got married in 2013. 24 years as Class mates. 20 years as friends. It’s our 10 years Marriage anniversary. We give God the Glory for how far he has helped us.”

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